sewing chair by singer. adjustable on wheels very good condition. Rolls and adjusts very easy. wood shows scratches and varnish wear
Estate sale find very unique. In a glass frame.
Very heavy , great condition ready to hold a big tree , SOLID quality decor !
This is a really neat table. Call or text me anytime at 760 972-7915 Diana
Antique wood burning stove fireplace insert. Great condition.
New. Old stock. Delco original equipment line. Dry charge, just add battery acid.
I can't take pictures but it's wooden with floral design 1950s.
CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Authentic Indian Jharokha or terrace windows, brass accents and iron nails that reinforce the strength and earthing factor Antique reclaimed and original artifacts from old Indian mansions, the jharokha or terrace window can be used as a wall accent or create a single door adding rustic wood on all sides Indian Jharokha or terrace windows , iron straps that rei...
CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Indian Jharokha or terrace windows iron straps that reinforce the strength and earthing factors Jharokha is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used in the architecture of Rajasthan Jharokhas jutting forward from the wall plane could be used both for adding to the architectural beauty of the building Traditional Style Rich Carvings, ornate detail were charat...
CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Antique Indian Teak Bench Settee Hand Carved Vintage Sofa Vintage Indian Bench very unique and detailed sofa, two seat, dark brown and floral design Dimensions :- inches
Antique wood stand with two drawers and two shelves approximately 4 ft long by 3.5 ft high, asking $50. Also have antique wood curio table about 1.5 ft long by 3 ft tall with shelf and drawer. Asking $30.
Must see antique form 30's contact for details 7603675107
3 in one con t act for detaills 7603675107 M ust see great condition
CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE SHIPPING!!! The Door Panel frame comes from India made by artisan craftman. Kalpavriksha, the tree of life, also meaning World Tree finds mention in the Vedic scriptures. In the earliest account of the Samudra manthan or churning of the ocean of milk Kalpavriksha emerged from the primal waters during the ocean churning process along with Kamadhenu, the divine cow that best...
CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Indian carved wood wall panels of Krishna Radha spending time with each other under Kadambari tree . Indian Indian mythology the true love, spritual love between Radha and krishna. This panel depitcs the story of true love. Beautiful vertical hand carved Krishna wall panel can either be hung on the wall or use as a door panel. Exterior Dimensions : Height-36 x ...