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This is a brand new Maggini style Violin, even comes with a brand new cases. The truth is Maggini violins were being built before Strad. They are known for their kind of a dark but loud sound also for their double purffling unlike all other violins. This violin is all set up for you to tune & play. One thing you will have to buy is a bow, which i do not have an extra. This is one real fine viol...


This is a older Amer. Violin. About 1970s Its label is E.M. Winston. Boston. This is a full size violin 4/4 Its in real good shape, a few very small scratches, no open seams or cracks. Also no warping, the neck & finger board is straight & good. I had this violin for many yrs & have kept it always humidified. I will throw in a old case with it. The violin plays real nice.


This violins label is Wilhelmj. made in Germany. This is a pretty old violin, as for dating it ? Maybe late 1920s,30s. Its has a few scratches, no open seams or cracks. Kept always humidified. I put the best strings on a violin can have on, Dominant . Also on the neck it has a bone nut, instead of a ebony nut, which i think makes its sound a little better. The neck & finger board is straight. A...
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